31st August 2011

Our dad, Geoffrey Grogan, passed away at 3:35pm today (31st August 2011).

This morning, he was taken to hospital with severe abdominal pains.   Doctors told us that he had suffered an aortic aneuryism, and that his chances of survival were slim.  As his blood pressure was low and dropping due to internal bleeding, surgery was not an option and Dad was made comfortable in Ward 5 of the Victoria Infirmary in Glasgow.  Dad had spent several weeks in Ward 5 five years earlier, and he had made many friends amongst the nursing staff, so was pleased that he had been placed in that ward.  He had been given pain relief, so was largely free of pain in his final hours.   All the surgical, nursing and auxilliary staff were fantastic and Dad was made fully aware of what had happened.  He was able to spend private time, one by one, with each member of the family (Mum, Fiona, Anne, John,  Marco, Vince, Elaine and his two oldest grandchildren, Liam and Caitlin).

Dad died very peacefully, with the certain knowledge that he is going to a better place.  We are thankful for his life and work, and know that he had a positive effect on many people.

Special thanks to Mum and Dad’s pastor Rev Iain Macaulay and also to Rev Leslie Edge, who were of great support to the family and showed true Christian love.

John Grogan (on behalf of the family)


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